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Safe, organized and free

And that's not changing anytime soon

MediRecord is your solution to your medical needs

MediRecord helps you store your medical records in an organized and safe manner. With a very simple interface to allow even the newest users to start boosting medical record productivity, MediRecord is the service for you.

Getting started

Getting started using MediRecord is almost as easy as starting to read a book - simply register an account at our register page and select the options on the home page. It's that easy.

Privacy isn't a problem

MediRecord uses the most secure protection services to ensure that unauthorized access to your account is mitigated. Furthermore, our platform is constantly monitored for issues and situations. If you have an issue, feel free to contact us. Don't forget to check our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

MediRecord is made for you, by you

As a Grade 7 student stuck during quarantine, Grant Ou didn't want this time to go to waste. Inspired by a relative who is constantly under the pressure of organizing medical records, Grant wanted to make life better for everyone

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